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Information Requests

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Information Requests

ISD aim to proactively publish data for which there is a wide demand so that it is freely available to all. ISD also releases data through bespoke information products, commonly via the Scottish Health Information Service, to NHS and partner organisations.

Should you require information that requires bespoke new analysis of health and care data held in our national databases this can be requested via our Information Request Service. Our Information Request Service is formally recognised within the NSS Publications Scheme.

Any request which required new bespoke analysis to be undertaken is provided via our Information Request Service. This is dependent upon available resources as priority goes to core business activities for which ISD receive funding from the Scottish Government and NHS and associated bodies. Requests are also subject to ISD's overarching rules relating to statistical governance, and provided that:

  • Other information already published or held by ISD, for example a response to a previous information request, is not suitable
  • The customer has stated clearly what information they require and if possible why, to enable ISD analysts to understand the request and to provide the most relevant and useful response.

Depending upon the resource required to undertaken an Information Request a charge may be applied to recover costs.

ISD sometimes receive requests for information on aspects of health and care in Scotland with reference to Freedom of Information legislation. Where these cannot be answered using existing or directly available information then ISD will aim to provide the information through the Information Request Service, as detailed above. This may include charging as outlined in ISD's Information Request Service Charging Policy.

For further information please see:

To make use of the Information Request Service, if you cannot find the information you requires on the website, contact Product Support by email or call on 0131 275 7050.

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