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Detect Cancer Early

Guidance for Data Providers

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Guidance for Data Providers


Extract files are submitted to the DCE datamart via SWIFT a secure on-line application. To find out how to obtain access to SWIFT and more about the process please refer to the guide below.

DCE Data Submissions Guide Download PDF file [799Kb] – how to upload files to the DCE datamart, validation process and error reporting.

NHS Boards should submit an extract file for each cancer every quarter in accordance with the guidelines and timetable below.

DCE-Submissions-Timetable Download PDF file [466Kb] – submission guidelines and dates

For file submission enquiries -


Once the file has passed validation and has been uploaded to the DCE datamart the data can be accessed via Business Objects, the reporting front-end;

To find out how to run the various reports available (data submission,quality assurance and management reporting) refer to the guidance below;

DCE-BO-manual Download PDF file [5.1Mb] – how to find and run the Business Objects reports

For Business Objects enquiries –

Access to Reporting

Access to the Detect Cancer Early (DCE) datamart and Business Objects is controlled from an online application known as the User Access System (UAS);

  • The system uses the same Username and Password needed to access Business Objects and the NSS datamarts and information tools.
  • New users can obtain access to UAS via the 'register' button on the log in screen. Users will receive the Username and Password details within 24 hours.
  • The UAS will allow users to request access to data marts, request changes of access and remove access when no longer required.
  • All requests are automatically routed to the relevant authorisers in your NHS Board who will be notified by automated e-mail from UAS.
  • This system will automate the 6-monthly or annual renewal/review process administered by an automated e-mail to users and authorisers.
  • If access is not regularly reviewed and renewed, access will be removed on the relevant expiry date which is clearly shown for each data mart within the UAS.

If you have any questions regarding UAS or need assistance, please contact the Product Support helpdesk by e-mail at or by telephone on 0131 275 7050.

DCE Cancer Stage

The cancer stage used in DCE is a proxy stage based on TNM and other tumour and treatment information for each cancer type. These has been developed in consultation with the three regional clinical leads and input from NHS Board cancer audit staff.

DCE TNM Staging Algorithm Download PDF file [356Kb]

DCE TNM Stage Algorithm Flow Charts Download PDF file [32Kb]

Some combinations of TNM have been deemed to be either: inappropriate (non-invasive tumours such as TIS that are not to be considered for DCE); or queried (unusual combinations of TNM such as a TIS non-invasive tumour with N1 nodal involvement). Cases with an inappropriate TNM are automatically excluded from reporting and publication figures. Cases submitted with queried combinations of TNM can be identified using one of the quality assurance report and may need to be checked or investigated by the submitting NHS Board. Both these types of cases are highlighted during the validation process when the file is submitted. The combinations of TNM for each cancer are given in the matrix documents below.

DCE Breast Stage Matrix Download PDF file [580Kb]

DCE Colorectal Stage Matrix Download PDF file [378Kb]

DCE Lung Stage Matrix Download PDF file [523Kb]


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