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Reports on Catch-up Programmes

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Reports on Immunisation Catch-up Programmes

  • Meningococcal B (MenB) vaccination was introduced from 1 September 2015 for infants due to receive their primary immunisations starting at two months of age (i.e. those babies born on or after 1 July 2015). The vaccine is offered alongside other routine immunisations at two and four months of age, with a booster dose at 12 to 13 months. A limited one-off catch-up programme Download Excel filewas also delivered targeting infants born in May and June 2015 who were receiving other routine immunisations, at three and four months of age.
  • The HPV Immunisation programe in Scotland started on 1 September 2008. The programme aims to help protect girls against developing cervical cancer later in life by routinely immunising them in early secondary school. A catch-up programme Download PDF file for older girls ran over the three-year period from 1 September 2008 to 31 August 2011 and applied to girls who were aged 13 to under 18 years on 1 September 2008.
  • On 4 September 2006, Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) was introduced to the routine childhood immunisation programme to protect children from pneumococcal infection. A catch-up campaign started on 4 September 2006 to offer PCV vaccine to children aged two to 24 months (born 05/09/2004 to 03/07/2006). These children were too old to receive the vaccine at their regular scheduled appointments.
  • A Hib catch-up programme ran from 5 November 2007 to 3 March 2009 to offer a booster dose of Hib vaccine to a defined cohort of young children (born 04/04/2003 to 03/09/2005). These children were too young to have had a booster as part of the 2003 Hib catch-up programme and too old to have received the new Hib/MenC booster vaccine at 12 months of age as part of the routine programme.
  • In June 2003 a Hib catch-up programme started for children who were aged six months to four years old (born between 02/04/1999 and 03/04/2003).
  • In the autumn of 1999 the MenC vaccine was added to the schedule of primary immunisations offered in three doses to babies at ages two, three and four months. A catch-up programme was also set up around this time to offer the vaccine to everyone of school age and, from January 2000, to pre-school children too old to be included in the programme of primary immunisations. The MenC vaccine was also offered to everyone under the age of 18 by December 2000.


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