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National Dental Inspection Programme

Dental Care

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National Dental Inspection Programme

The National Dental Inspection Programme (NDIP) is carried out annually with the support and approval of the Scottish Dental Epidemiology Co-ordinating Committee. Its principal aims are to inform parents/carers of the dental health status of their children and, through appropriately anonymised, aggregated data, advise the Scottish Government, NHS Boards and other organisations concerned with children's health of dental disease prevalence at national and local levels. This ensures that reliable dental health information is available for planning initiatives directed towards health improvements.

The 2003 inspection was the first and pilot year of the new NDIP programme and concerned only Primary 1 children. It now includes both Primary 1 and Primary 7 children.

The inspection programme has two levels:

  • A Basic Inspection, intended for all Primary 1 and Primary 7 children
  • A Detailed Inspection, where a representative sample of either the P1 or the P7 age group is inspected in alternative years

ISD also assists in the annual role of analysing and producing reports for a national training and calibration programme for examination teams involved in NDIP.

NHS boards and Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) have an essential need for data from NDIP for targeted delivery of oral health improvement programmes. ISD further supports the wider service by providing the Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO) with bespoke analysis of data from the Basic component of NDIP for profile indicator 51 ("Dental health in P7"), which covers all children in their final year at primary school.

The 2017 NDIP report and its executive summary were published by ISD Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Dental Epidemiology Coordinating Committee on 24th October 2017.

Please note: CHPs ceased to exist legally on 1st April 2015; as a result, 2015 was the final year of CHP level reporting. From 2016 onwards HSCP results are presented as an appendix within the NDIP Report.

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