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Drug and Alcohol Misuse

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Historic Publications

Recent publications are listed on the Publications page of the ISD Drug and Alcohol website.

The Alcohol Statistics Scotland publication (or ‘bulletin’) was a biennial publication presenting the latest available information from a range of national data sources relating to alcohol, including routine data collection systems and surveys.  The publication was divided into four main sections: the Alcohol Market, Alcohol Consumption, Alcohol and Health Harm and Alcohol and Social Harm. These bulletins are now discontinued and replaced by an expanded set of web pages on the ScotPHO website - Alcohol section Opens in new window, for each topic linking to the original sources of the information. For these years when no bulletin was published, the alcohol-related hospital statistics section was published as a separate report.

Recent topic-specific reports involving ISD-held or managed data are listed on the Publications page of the ISD Drug and Alcohol website. Generally only publications from 2010 onwards are included in this list.

Key historic publications not available from the ISD Publications list:

Alcohol Statistics Scotland 2011Download PDF file [2.1Mb]
Published on 22nd February 2011.

Local Drugs and Alcohol Information 2010Download Excel file [613Kb]
This publication was released by ISD Scotland on 30th March 2010, and is a compendium of local statistics on alcohol and drug use, brought together from previously published national sources.  The statistics were primarily intended to provide easily accessible information to Alcohol and Drug Partnerships to support local planning and service provision.

Alcohol-related Hospital Statistics 2010Download PDF file [90Kb]
Published on 23rd February 2010, this report presented information on alcohol-related discharges from general acute hospitals (2004/05 to 2008/09) and psychiatric hospitals (2003/04 to 2007/08) and provided an update on data presented in the Alcohol Statistics Scotland 2009 publication.

Alcohol consumption in black and minority ethnic groups and recent immigrants in Scotland: current situation on available information Download PDF file [137Kb]
Published March 2009.

Alcohol Statistics Scotland 2009Download PDF file [3Mb]
Published on 24th February 2009.

Local Drug and Alcohol Information 2008Download Excel file [1.9Mb]
This was a compendium of local statistics released on 26th February 2008 bringing together local data on alcohol and drug from available national sources. The statistics were primarily intended to provide easily accessible information to Alcohol and Drug Action Teams to support local planning and service provision.

Alcohol-related hospital statistics 2006/07Download PDF file [110Kb]
Published on 18th December 2007, this report presented figures on alcohol-related hospital discharges for 2006/07 and alcohol-related psychiatric hospital discharges for 2005/06.

Alcohol Statistics Scotland 2007Download PDF file [623Kb]
Published on 30th January 2007.

Alcohol Statistics Scotland 2005Download PDF file [696Kb]
This was the first publication of Alcohol Statistics Scotland; a compendium bringing together information on alcohol in Scotland from a wide range of sources, covering the alcohol market, alcohol consumption, social and health harm.

Statistics on Alcohol in Scotland, 2002Download PDF file [198Kb]
A digest of statistics on alcohol in Scotland was also published alongside the Plan for ActionDownload PDF file on alcohol problems in January 2002.

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