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Alcohol-related Hospital Statistics

Drug and Alcohol Misuse

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Alcohol-related Hospital Statistics Dashboard

This dashboard has been designed to display national summary information relating to alcohol-related hospital activity. It also enables users to visualise and explore a number of different breakdowns of this information. The dashboard covers general acute hospital activity for the financial years 1981/82 to 2015/16 and psychiatric hospital admissions from 1997/98 to 2014/15.

Filtering data

Users can adjust some elements of the dashboard using the filters

Condition: Use this filter to select figure for all alcohol-related conditions or to select a specific condition.
Financial Year: Some charts present figures for a single year snapshot, this filter can be used to adjust the year displayed.
Hospital Type: Use this filter to select data relating to General acute (SMR01) only, Psychiatric (SMR04) only or Combined (SMR01 and SMR04).
Activity measure: Use this filter to select data relating to stays, patients or new patients.
Group: The dashboard contains a number of different activity breakdowns. Use this filter to select which type of information you would like to explore.

  • Scotland
  • NHS Board
  • Local Authority
  • SIMD Decile (Deprivation)
  • Gender
  • Age Group (10 year)
  • Age Group (10yr) Female
  • Age Group (10yr) Male
Sub-Group: The "Sub-Group" options are dependent on the "Group" selection. For some groups users can choose to turn on/off some categories

Please note that not all activity breakdowns are available for all financial years, conditions or data sources.

Combined and Psychiatric data is only available from 1997/98 to 2014/15.

Source data

The hospital activity data included in this dashboard are sourced from routinely collected national datasets.

  • SMR01 (Scottish Morbidity Records 01) is the source for general acute inpatient and day case hospital activity for specialties other than mental health, maternity, neonatal and geriatric long-stay.
  • SMR04 (Scottish Morbidity Records 04) is the source for psychiatric inpatient and day case hospital activity.

Analysis combining SMR01 and SMR04 activity is presented for mental and behavioural conditions associated with the use of alcohol to enable a better estimate of the total hospital activity.


This dashboard was first published in October 2016 and figures are due to be updated and refreshed in October 2017.

Clinical codes & terminology

Alcohol misuse is recorded using the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) 9th/10th revision. Details of the ICD diagnostic codes used to identify alcohol-related conditions as well as additional information relating to terminology used within the dashboard can be found in the notes pages of data workbook.


Further Information

Additional information relating to this dashboard can be found by following the links below

Alcohol-Related Hospital Statistics 2015/16 Publication Data Download Download Excel file [2,970kb]
Alcohol-Related Hospital Statistics 2015/16 Publication Download Download PDF file [650kb]

ScotPHO Alcohol Information

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