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Costs Book 2010 - Detailed Tables

Expenditure on providing health care is analysed in two ways:
(i) by board of residence, showing expenditure on Scottish residents irrespective of where they receive treatment
(ii) by board of treatment, showing expenditure by the 14 boards, and by two of the special boards (Golden Jubilee National Hospital and the State Hospital), irrespective of the residency of the patients.

Board of Residence - Summary Tables
The Costs Book presents a series of reports showing expenditure by the 14 NHS Boards on their residents, by type of care e.g. maternity, geriatric continuing care.

Board of Treatment - Summary Tables
The main coverage of the Costs Book is on the cost of providing health care in the hospital and primary care sectors of each NHS board, with most information available for the hospital services sector. While the Costs Book reconciles to the expenditure reported in board annual accounts, certain items of income and expenditure are excluded from the analysis of costs presented in the Costs Book reports.

The Costs Book detailed tables provide further analysis by board of treatment. The web site is divided into broad topic areas and can be navigated via:
-- the links below:
-- the A-Z Index for a more detailed search:
-- the File Listings to open a specific data table

Information is available for the 3 health care sectors of NHSS:

Hospital Sector - Running Costs

Hospital expenditure and related activity information is available in a series of reports. The reports are structured to provide three main dimensions of analysis:

(i) Summary reports showing total expenditure for each hospital, and spend and activity by patient type (e.g. inpatients, daycases, outpatients):

R020 Download Excel file [99kb] - hospital summary (excluding long stay hospitals)
R020LS Download Excel file [99kb] - hospital summary - long stay hospitals
R025 Download Excel file [40kb] - board level aggregate of hospital running costs

(ii) Total hospital expenditure is split across specialty and patient type in a series of reports accessed from the link below:

(iii) Some of the main hospital overheads (such as catering, cleaning and administration) are presented in more detail along with other key elements of hospital running costs (such as staff costs) and across-specialty services such as Radiology:

Hospital running costs are collected on a series of financial returns (SFR 5s). As well as main hospital locations - such as the Southern General Hospital with 931 beds - SFR 5s are completed for smaller locations such as St Brendan's Hospital on Barra with only 5 beds. Some services are also provided by hospital-based staff at non-hospital locations such as health centres or local community facilities. For the purposes of the Costs Book, a single set of SFR 5s may be completed to cover all of these non-hospital sites in a board area.

Cost Book Manual Download pdf file [612kb] - see Section 3 for more information and Supplementary Guidance for 2010 Download pdf file [48kb]

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Community Health Services

Community Health Services are provided by a range of health care professionals to the local population of each board area. This service is non-hospital based and may be provided in the home, at other residential care settings or in community clinics and includes patient care and other services such as immunisation and health promotion.

Information is collected for each NHS board on a number of the main services provided by community staff such as:

- District Nursing - AHP Services
- Health Visiting     Clinical Psychology
- Midwifery     Physiotherapy
- Community Psychiatric Team     Occupational Therapy
- Community Learning Disabilities Team     Chiropody
- Child Health     Dietetics
- Specialist Nursing     Speech Therapy
- Addiction Services - Community Dentistry
- Family Planning - Home Dialysis
- Breast Screening - Incontinence Services
- Health Promotion - GP Out of Hours

The data is presented in the following reports:

R500 Download Excel file [29kb] - summary of expenditure on main community services, by board
R510 Download Excel file [25kb] - community AHP services, by board
R520 Download Excel file [25kb] - other community services, by board

Data is collected on the SFR 8s. The report and source data files below show a summary of community staff and a breakdown of the main expenditure elements in providing the service:

R550 Download Excel file [26kb] - summary of expenditure on community staff and supplies, by board

SFR 8.1 Download Excel file [40kb] - community staff - WTEs and pay
SFR 8.2 Download Excel file [85kb] - community running costs

For more information on the definitions of Community Health Services, please refer to ISD Data Dictionary.

Other Costs web pages

The following pages within the Costs web site also have data on Community services:

Other ISD web areas

Further information about the Community Health Services is available from other ISD web sites, such as:
Community Prescribing
Community Dentistry

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Family Health Services

The Family Health Services (FHS) sector includes:

  • Primary Medical Services
  • General Dental Services
  • General Ophthalmic Services
  • General Pharmaceutical Services

FHS practitioners contract with their local NHS Board to provide services within the board area. The net expenditure to each health board for each FHS service is shown in reports R390 and R391 :

R300s Download Excel file [157kb] - expenditure per head of population, by NHS board of treatment and by type of care

Other Costs web pages

The following pages within the Costs web site also have FHS data:
Pharmaceutical Services
Dental Services
Ophthalmic Services

Other ISD web areas

Much more information about the FHS sector is available from other ISD web sites, such as:
General Practice
Prescribing and Dispensing

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