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Heart Disease

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Links to Other Sources

The sources below offer information related to coronary heart disease. Most of these sources are external to ISD and we cannot guarantee the content or accessibility of these external web sites.

British Heart Foundation - British Heart Foundation's heart statistic website - the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of statistics on the burden, prevention, treatment and causes of heart disease in the UK, and across the world.

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland - The Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland is one of Scotland's leading medical charities. They fund research into all aspects of the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and the social impact of chest, heart and stroke illness.

European Heart Network (EHN) and European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
European Cardiovascular Disease statistics Download PDF file[3.4Mb] report published in 2012 includes tables, charts and maps of cardiovascular disease mortality, morbidity and associated risk factors. See the the EHN web site and the ESC website for further information on their current projects.

Myocardial Ischaemia National Audit Project (MINAP) is a national clinical audit for management of heart attack. See their annual report for 2014 "How the NHS cares for patients with heart attack" in England & Wales.

National Records of Scotland
NRS maintain the database of death registrations and publish their mortality statistics online, including deaths from coronary heart disease. See also their most recent annual report 'Scotland's Population 2014 – The Registrar General's Annual Review of Demographic Trends'.

NHS Health Improvement Scotland (NHS HIS) - NHS HIS provide advice and guidance on effective clinical practice, drive and support quality improvements and assess the performance of NHSScotland. NHS HIS published, in September 2011, the results of their evaluation of the heart disease improvement programme. This included a national overview along with local summary reports for each NHS board area. See NHS HIS Heart Disease Reports for details.

NHS Health Scotland is a special health board providing a national focus for improving health.

Scottish Health Survey - see Background and Policy section under 'Risk factors associated with CHD & stroke'.

Scottish Government's - see Background and Policy section under 'Policy Context'. One of their campaigns relating to healthy living, including heart disease prevention, is Take Life On.

Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)
SIGN published five guidelines (numbers: 93-97) in February 2007 covering various aspects of coronary heart disease care including: acute coronary syndromes, cardiac arrhythmias, chronic heart failure, stable angina and risk estimation & prevention of cardiovascular disease. These guidelines have led to a publication Clinical Standards for Heart Disease by NHS HIS.

Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO)- this is a collaboration let by ISD Scotland, NHS Health Scotland and includes the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, National Records of Scotland and Health Protection Scotland. ScotPHO produce statistics for heart disease in their health wellbeing and disease webpages. More detailed data on indicators for heart disease, including charts at health board and council level, can be found in the online profiles for health and well being and older people.


UK Comparisons

Hospital activity data relating to CHD in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are available separately. Please note that these figures are sometimes not directly comparable with published data from Scotland due to differences in recording and definitions. Prior to making comparisons, please check the definitions carefully for each of the sources..

England: NHS Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)

Wales: Health and care statistics

Northern Ireland: Hospital Statistics and Research

Mortality from specific causes, including heart disease, in England and Wales is available from the Office for National Statistics.

International Comparisons

ScotPHO have added Scottish data to the World Health Organisation (WHO) European Health for All Database. Regular updates are presented in the Scotland and European Health for All (HfA) Database, the most recent update being 2012. This compares about 500 indicators on health and well being, including heart disease.

WHO also produce an 'Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke'. Of particular relevance are parts 3 and 6.


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