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GP Prescribing

Cardiovascular disease covers a range of conditions including heart disease, strokes and diseases of the arteries and veins.

Information on NHS prescriptions dispensed in the community in Scotland is compiled by ISD's Prescribing Team from data provided by Practitioner Services Division (PSD). PSD is responsible for the processing and pricing of all prescriptions dispensed in the community in Scotland.

GPs write the vast majority of these prescriptions, with the remainder written mainly by nurses and dentists. They also include prescriptions written in hospitals that are dispensed in the community, but exclude drugs dispensed within hospitals themselves.

The data presented here are identical to those presented within the GP Prescribing section of the Stroke area of this website. This is because many drugs can be used for the treatment of both stroke and heart disease and it is not possible from available data to distinguish whether the drug was used to treat stroke or heart disease.

Analysis New/Updated Excel available Size National Stats
Table G1
Cardiovascular prescribing - costs and number of prescriptions.
21 Feb 2017 Download Excel file 78kb tick
Table G2
Cardiovascular prescribing costs, defined daily doses and numbers per 1000 population by drug group and Health Board.
21 Feb 2017 Download Excel file 146kb tick

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