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Prescription Cost Analysis

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Published: 26 September 2017
Prescribing Statistics - Minor Ailments Service
Publication Summary Download pdf file [161kb]
Full Report Download pdf file [546kb]

Please note that as of August 2017 the Prescribing & Medicines: Prescription Cost Analysis’ (PCA) report and all related data tables have been merged with the 'Prescribing & Medicines: Dispensing Reimbursement, Remuneration and Volume’ report. In July 2017 a consultation was run to seek user input and views. This new ‘Dispenser Payments and Prescription Cost Analysis’ publication is the result of combining these reports and puts national prescribing costs and volumes for 2016/17 into a single annual report that is expected to be more useful and convenient for users. This is available on the Dispenser Remuneration page while historical Prescription Cost Analysis reports and supporting data tables are held on this page.

The Prescription Cost Analysis shows details of the number of items and the gross ingredient cost (GIC) of all NHS prescriptions dispensed in the community in Scotland. These prescriptions are dispensed by community pharmacies, dispensing doctors and a small number of specialist appliance suppliers and stoma providers. GPs write the vast majority of these prescriptions, with the remainder written by other authorised prescribers such as nurses and dentists. Also included are prescriptions written in hospitals that are dispensed in the community, but prescriptions dispensed within hospitals are not included.

The publication summary includes key points from the data tables and some key background information. The full publication report includes key points and further commentary on the data, more detailed background information, and meta-data.

The items dispensed are listed alphabetically within chemical entity (for drugs) by British National Formulary (BNF) therapeutic class. Statistics on the top 10 drugs dispensed in Scotland by volume and cost and the generic rate of prescribing by the NHS Board the prescription was written in are also presented.

Please see the Dispenser Remuneration page and the new ‘Dispenser Payments and Prescription Cost Analysis’ report for 2016/17 prescription cost analysis data and commentary, and below for the last Prescribing & Medicines: Prescription Cost Analysis’ report for 2015/16 and data tables relating to all previous years of data published.

Prescription Cost Analysis Summary: 2015/16 PCA Publication Summary Download PDF file

Prescription Cost Analysis Report: 2015/16 PCA Publication Report Download PDF file

The Prescription Cost analysis tables include data for a financial year by BNF Chapter and Sub-section, Drug/Device Name and Individual Preparation for Scotland. This includes Number of dispensed items, Gross Ingredient Cost and cost per item.

Prescription Cost Analysis
PCA_2016.xlsxDownload Excel file [2.76mb] PCA_2008.xlsDownload Excel file [2.11mb]
PCA_2015.xlsxDownload Excel file [2.76mb] PCA_2007.xlsDownload Excel file [2.11mb]
PCA_2014.xlsDownload Excel file [2.76mb] PCA_2006.xlsDownload Excel file [2.16mb]
PCA_2013.xlsDownload Excel file [2.32mb] PCA_2005.xlsDownload Excel file [2.14mb]
PCA_2012.xlsDownload Excel file [2.24mb] PCA_2004.xlsDownload Excel file [2.13mb]
PCA_2011.xlsDownload Excel file [2.19mb] PCA_2003.xlsDownload Excel file [2.07mb]
PCA_2010.xlsDownload Excel file [2.15mb] PCA_2002.xlsDownload Excel file [2.04mb]
PCA_2009.xlsDownload Excel file [2.15mb] PCA_2001.xlsDownload Excel file [2.0mb]

The Generic Drugs tables include data on prescribing of generic drugs. They include at least ten years trend data at Scotland level, and comparison over two years at NHS Board level. The 2016 file contains data up to 2015/16.

Prescription Cost Analysis
Generic Prescribing
Prescription Cost Analysis Top 10 Prescription Cost Analysis Top Ten Movers
Generic_2016.xlsDownload Excel file [131kb] Top10_2016.xlsxDownload Excel file [160kb] Top10Movers 2016.xlsxDownload Excel file [160kb]
Generic_2014.xlsDownload Excel file [160kb] Top10_2015.xlsxDownload Excel file [160kb]  
Generic_2013.xlsDownload Excel file [160kb] Top10_2014.xlsDownload Excel file [160kb]  
Generic_2012.xlsDownload Excel file [140kb] Top10_2013.xlsDownload Excel file [160kb]  
Generic_2011.xlsDownload Excel file [131kb] Top10_2012.xlsDownload Excel file [126kb]  
  Top10_2011.xlsDownload Excel file [139kb]  

The Top Ten tables present the top ten drugs for the most recent financial year. The data is presented by number of items dispensed and by Gross Ingredient Cost. The 2016 tables contain data for 2015/16.

The Top Ten Movers table presents the top ten drug/device increases and decreases for the most recent financial year. The data is presented by number of items dispensed and by Gross Ingredient Cost. The 2016 tables contain data for 2015/16.

The Summary Statistics tables include summary data on the volume and the net cost of prescriptions dispensed in Scotland. The net cost is the cost to the Scottish Government, which is the Gross Ingredient Cost plus Dispensing fees and allowances, less any patient charges. The Scotland tables include a ten year trend at Scotland level, and data for the most recent financial year at NHS board level. The NHS board tables include the NHS board level data for the past ten years. The 2015 tables include data up to 2014/15. From 2015/16 onwards the Summary Statistics data tables previously contained in the PCA publication has been moved into the Remuneration publication.

Summary Statistics - Scotland Summary Statistics - NHS Board
Summary_Statistics_(Scotland)_2015.xlsxDownload Excel file [190kb] Summary_Statistics_(NHSBoards)_2015.xlsxDownload Excel file [301kb]
Summary_Statistics_(Scotland)_2014.xlsDownload Excel file [190kb] Summary_Statistics_(NHSBoards)_2014.xlsDownload Excel file [301kb]
Summary_Statistics_(Scotland)_2013.xlsDownload Excel file [177kb] Summary_Statistics_(NHSBoards)_2013.xlsDownload Excel file [346kb]
Summary_Statistics_(Scotland)2002_2012.xlsDownload Excel file [115kb] Summary_Statistics_(NHSBoards)_2004_2012.xlsDownload Excel file [300kb]
Summary_Statistics_(Scotland)2002_2011.xlsDownload Excel file [118kb] Summary_Statistics_(NHSBoards)_2004_2011.xlsDownload Excel file [243kb]


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