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Scottish Drug Tariff

Prescribing and Medicines

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Introduction & Contents

The Scottish Drug Tariff is published for and on behalf of the Primary and Community Care Directorate, Scottish Govermment. The Tariff contains information regarding the prescribing, dispensing and reimbursement of medicines and appliances on primary care NHS prescriptions.


The data contained on this and the attached web-pages are intended for the purpose of informing prescribers and dispensing contractors supplying relevant services to NHSScotland. The Common Services Agency and its constituent divisions accepts no liability for any errors in or misuse or misrepresentation of this data. (NHS National Services Scotland is the common name for the Common Services Agency for the Scottish Heath Service.)


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Part 1 General InformationDownload PDF file [626Kb]
Annex A Zero DiscountDownload PDF file [79Kb]
Annex B Prescription ChargesDownload PDF file [189Kb]
Annex C Community Pharmacy Contractor Remuneration Arrangements Download PDF file [493Kb]
Part 2 Dressings Download PDF file [4.5Mb]
Part 3 Appliances Download PDF file [2Mb]
Part 4 Elastic HosieryDownload PDF file [145Kb]
Part 5 Incontinence AppliancesDownload PDF file [1.6Mb]
Part 6 Stoma AppliancesDownload PDF file [22kb]
Part 7 Drugs & Preparations with Tariff Prices
Part 8 Dental & Nurse Prescriber FormulariesDownload PDF file [203Kb]
Part 9 Chemical ReagentsDownload PDF file [249Kb]
Part 10 Domiciliary Oxygen ServicesDownload PDF file [340Kb]
Part 11 Net Ingredient Cost Scale for Pharmacist ContractorsDownload PDF file [263Kb]
Part 12 Drugs to be Prescribed under certain circumstances Download PDF file [126Kb]
Schedule 1 to the GMS RegulationsDownload PDF file [130Kb]
Part 13 Items on Short SupplyDownload PDF file [8Kb]
Part 14 Business Rules of NHS NSS Practitioner Services DivisionDownload PDF file [120Kb]

Monthly Amendments to the Scottish Drug Tariff can be found on the following page: Drug Tariff Amendments

An archive of previous editions of the Scottish Drug Tariff is available on the following page: Drug Tariff Archive


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