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Published: 04 October 2016
Complaints Statistics
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Complaints about the NHS are valued alongside all other forms of feedback. They are a helpful way of identifying issues and areas in need of change within the service. Acknowledging these issues and taking steps to rectify associated problems is vital in creating an open and honest NHS and in maintaining the quality and safety of NHS services.

There is a wide variation in the type of contact that patients have with the NHS (e.g. treatment as an Inpatient, Outpatient, attendance at A&E, blood donation and transportation by ambulance) and patients (or their representatives) can make a complaint if they feel dissatisfied with any aspect of these interactions.

In 2015/16, the total number of NHS Scotland complaints received was 21,456. This equates to approximately 410 complaints a week and 60 complaints a day. Of the 21,456 NHS Scotland complaints, 13,469 complaints related to hospital & community services (HCHS), 6,742 complaints were received about family health services (FHS) and 1,245 about special NHS Boards and national & support organisations.

NHS Complaints Dashboard

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The NHS Complaints dashboard provides users with the latest statistics for hospital and community services, family health services and special boards. The data presented includes response times, issues raised and outcomes. This is available in addition to the 2015/16 publication report.

A User Guide Download PDF file [263kb] is available and we recommend reading this prior to accessing the dashboard for the first time.

The publication report provides additional information and commentary on NHS Complaints and we recommend that this is used in conjunction with the Dashboard as it contains footnotes and more detailed information on the complaints data.


NHS Boards and other NHS organisations submit summary information about complaints they receive to ISD Scotland. The data covers complaints received by hospital and community health services, family health services and special NHS Boards and national & support organisations. The data submitted includes all formal written complaints. In some NHS Boards/organisations, telephone and other formal oral complaints are also recorded in their submission to ISD. These data are confirmed with NHS Boards/NHS organisations after submission.

For hospital and community health services, summary information is submitted electronically onto the ISD Complaints National Database (Universe) where it is validated and analysed. Information such as the date the complaint was received, service area, issues raised, staff group and outcome of the complaint is summarised by using standard coding convention. For family health services and special NHS Boards and national & support organisations, the complaints summary information is submitted manually to ISD Scotland via an annual return completed by the NHS organisation. The annual return records aggregated complaints data similar to those collected for hospital and community health services.

To promote consistency of recording practices, ISD rolled out revised definitions and codes nationally in 2008. Further details about these statistics can be found on the statistics page.

Complaints Procedure

The NHS complaints procedure was introduced in April 1996, with a subsequent revision in April 2005. The purpose of the NHS complaints procedure is to provide a simple, flexible, impartial and easily accessible system for the public as well as being fair to NHS practitioners and staff. Each NHS Board within NHS Scotland employs staff whose role it is to receive complaints from members of the public and to register the decisions made and actions undertaken. Revisions to the complaints process in 2005 were intended to remove some of the barriers which may have stopped some people complaining about the NHS in previous years. The Patient Rights (Scotland) Act 2011 introduced a right to give feedback, make comments, raise concerns or make complaints about the health care received from the NHS in Scotland. Secondary legislation to support the implementation of the Act came into force on 1 April 2012 and revised Good Practice Guidance was issued to the NHS in March 2012. Further details about the complaints process can be found on the current complaints procedure page.


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