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Sexual Health

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Through the publication of the Key Clinical Indicators (KCIs) for sexual health, ISD and HPS produce data that allows NHS boards to measure their progress against these indicators as well as the Quality Improvement Scotland (QIS, now known as Health Improvement Scotland) sexual health standards. To aid ease of access for each NHS board to data on their own performance, NHS board summaries have been developed. Each summary contains the performance of that particular health board against QIS standards contained in the self assessment and non self assessment QIS standards. The full list of the HIS sexual health service standards can be found here.

In previous years the Scotland's Sexual Health Information (SSHI) report has featured a NHS board summary section however this was not included in the 2010 publication and it was decided not to produce a report in 2011. Instead the indicators features in the SSHI report have been added to the most recent issue of the NHS board summaries on this page. These indicators are based on ISD data on teenage pregnancy and termination of pregnancy.

Sexual Health NHS Board Summaries - 2010/11 data

Please note that the data presented for the QIS sexual health standards (for both self assessment criteria and non self assessment criteria) have been published previously through the KCI reports earlier in 2011. The NHS board summaries are a mechanism to allow individuals easy access to data relating to key performance measures. The full KCI reports can be found here and contain more detailed commentary as well as further data.

NHS Ayrshire and Arran Download Word file [50kb]
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Sexual Health NHS Board Summaries - 2009/10 data

NHS Ayrshire and Arran Download Word file[40kb]
NHS Borders Download Word file[40kb]
NHS Dumfries and Galloway Download Word file[40kb]
NHS Fife Download Word file[40kb]
NHS Forth Valley Download Word file[40kb]
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Other Documents

Key Clinical Indicators Download pdf file [15kb]

Annual Report (SSHI) Download pdf file [17kb]

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