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Data Support and Monitoring

Child Health

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Child Health

NHS Scotland provides a universal health promotion programme to all children and their families known as the child health programme. This programme includes various elements such as formal screening for specific medical problems, routine childhood immunisations, and a structured programme of needs assessment, health promotion, and parenting support provided through regular scheduled contacts with health visitors, school nurses and other health professionals.

Data Management uses this recorded information in order to process the necessary files, so that the information required of the child health publication can be provided.

Data Processing

This is a quarterly process each year, and involves the processing of files received for the three areas of child health. These are:

  • Pre-school - which looks at child development ussues e.g. weight, height, muscle tone, apgar scores, if vitamin K was administered;
  • School - which looks at weight, height, BMI, whether the child has had certain immunisations e.g. pertussis, mmr, polio, measles;
  • SIRS - is where all of a child's immunisations throughout their life are recorded.

Files are received from Atos for each of the three areas and are processed to separate out the necessary files and reviews that the analyst team need in order to produce the publication.

Data Quality

Prior to passing the processed files to the analyst team there are some high level checks performed to ensure file sizes received are in line with what is expected each quarter; all variables post processing are present. Further data quality checks are run on each of the files produced for Pre-school and School. These checks look at CHI completeness, if the sex of the child is missing and if postcode is missing from the review.

Data quality checks for the SIRS files are currently being developed.

Data Monitoring and Support

The Data Support & Monitoring team:

  • Works with Atos to address any issues with the submission of the required data files to ISD.
  • Works with the child health team to be updated on any forthcoming changes to variables within SIRS, Pre-school and School, and to understand how any changes will impact on programs and file processing.
  • Works with the child health team to develop a metadata respository. The metadata will provide information on when variables changed in each of the 3 areas, when any of the forms that are used to complete the information were updated, and any other relevant changes.
  • Meets with the child health analysts after each quarters processing is complete to provide an update on any issues highlighted during processing, how they were resolved and any other issues that need to be addressed.


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