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Scottish Birth Record & Universal Newborn Hearing Screening

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Scottish Birth Record (SBR)

The SBR is a web-based system developed on the NHSNet to ensure that every baby born in Scotland will have one record, which will act as the foundation for future information collection.

The SBR is based on individuals rather than episodes. In addition, it has been designed to encourage clinicians to enter data onto the system as well as coding staff although it is not dependent on clinicians participating. The system has been implemented to varying degrees (either directly or indirectly via interfaces with existing hospital systems) in all Scottish hospitals providing midwifery and/or neonatal care.

The Scottish Birth Record system provides the functionality to record all of a baby's neonatal care in Scotland, including readmissions and transfers in one electronic record. The SBR will be completed for all births in Scotland including still births and home births.

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening System (UNHS)

The UNHS is a web-based system developed on the NHSNet and is a module to the Scottish Birth Record (SBR). It is used to record hearing screening information for newborn babies. The SBR is used by maternity units throughout Scotland to varying degrees to record birth details and some neonatal care. However, to use the UNHS there is no need to have to use the SBR. They are two separate applications, used by different types of users with different medical requirements for newborn babies. Both systems do share basic demographic / birth data. Otherwise the data they hold is then specific to each service the systems provide.

System Management

The SBR and UNHS systems are managed by:

National Information Systems Group (NISG)

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