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4 Nations - Health Care Quality Indicators (HCQI) - Experimental Statistics

In response to the OECD's Reviews of Health Care Quality - United Kingdom report published in 2016, the lead health and social care government statistician groups in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland collaborated to produce this experimental statistics product.

A selection of OECD indicators of health care quality are included for each of the four nations. It is important to stress that this experimental statistics product does not provide a full and comprehensive assessment of the quality of individual healthcare systems across the UK, and should not be used to draw such conclusions. The primary purpose for producing this product at this time is to invite user feedback, and in particular to receive comments on how the product might be developed further.

The indicators have been divided into four categories, and further information on each can be found in the background information section of each category, and within the methodology paper.

Acute Care

Click here to view the Acute Care Dashboard

These indicators concern treatment and outcomes within hospital for serious or urgent medical conditions.

The indicators are;

  • Admission based AMI 30 day in-hospital (same hospital) mortality
  • Admission based hemorrhagic stroke 30 day in-hospital (same hospital) mortality
  • Admission based ischemic stroke 30 day in-hospital (same hospital) mortality
  • Hip fracture surgery initiated within 2 calendar days after admission to the hospital

Avoidable Admissions

Click here to view the Avoidable Admissions Dashboard

These indicators concern conditions which through alternative or preventative treatments admission to hospital may not be necessary.

The indicators are;

  • Asthma hospital admission
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) hospital admission
  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) hospital admission
  • Hypertension hospital admission
  • Diabetes hospital admission
  • Diabetes lower extremity amputation

Life Expectancy/Healthy Life Expectancy

Click here to view the Life Expectancy/Healthy Life Expectancy Dashboard

Using data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the Life Expectancy at birth and Healthy Life Expectancy at birth for each of the four nations have been included. An ageing population is expected have a significant effect on demand for healthcare services, while the number or healthy life years adds context to the increase in demand.

Patient Safety

Click here to view the Patient Safety Dashboard

Three indicators have been included which relate to the safety of patients while being treated in hospital. Two relate to care during childbirth, and the third about patient safety during surgery.

The indicators are;

  • Obstetric trauma during vaginal delivery with instrument
  • Obstetric trauma during vaginal delivery without instrument
  • Retained surgical item or unretrieved device fragment

Associated Documents & European Comparability

For those who wish to access the data contained within the charts, the data is available to download as an Excel document here.

The data has been produced to allow a comparison between the four nations of the United Kingdom. If users wish to make a comparison with other OECD countries, the data contained within this excel document should be used

For technical information on how the figures within the charts have been calculated, please refer to this methodology document.


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